No large capital expenditure

Except for a security deposit, which is often refundable upon completion of the lease, a lease uses the funds of the lessor. In most cases, a down-payment is not even required.

Lower monthly payments

All vehicles depreciate over time. A lease recognizes this fact up front. Rather than operating under the assumption that a vehicle is worthless, a lease payment will be calculated on the difference between the vehicleís original value and itís expected value at the end of the lease term. The benefit to you is reduced monthly payments that reflect your use of the vehicle. Remember, the vehicleís value, the term selection and itís expected re-sale value based on your driving needs will all affect the monthly payment.

More vehicle

If you have a fixed budget for your monthly car payment, a lease may allow you to drive a more expensive vehicle than would other financing alternatives.

Service Assistance

Because leasing companies purchase large numbers vehicles they are treated as fleet customers by the automobile manufacturers. Often, as large volume customers they are able to get special consideration for their clients in matters involving servicing and warranty claims.

Hassle free shopping

Most leasing companies are happy to provide lease quotations by telephone, fax or email. As part of their service they are able to find the exact vehicle you want, or to suggest alternative choices for consideration.


Your old car may be accepted as a tax free trade in and itís value can be applied as a down-payment on your new vehicle therefore reducing your monthly obligation.